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A Framework for Wellbeing.

Conversations about mental and physical health have never been more urgent. But where do you start? We can help.

Whether you’re a large organisation or small community group, sports team, school or family, looking after the wellbeing of those that matter to you has strong benefits...

Health Happiness and Success

Which area would you most like to improve?

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Increase productivity

Our powerful solutions enable you to maximise your return on investment in the most efficient way, as well as being able to track impact.

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Boost team ambition

Imagine knowing exactly how and where to increase the drive and ambition of your teams and individuals. Empower them and watch them go!

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Reduce absence

By tracking your team’s wellbeing areas including diet, hydration and exercise you can make real-time decisions on how best to care for your organisation.

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Attract & keep talent

Great talent is hard to find and harder to keep. After all, we want more from work than simply money. Investing in wellbeing can make all the difference.

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Improve Culture

Creating an engaged and close-knit team at a time when millions are working in isolation is essential in meeting the emotional and psychological needs of your people.

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Combat Isolation

Inevitably, we all have days when we feel isolated, even on busy video calls. The challenge is to notice when someone has a drop in mood and be there to give them a reassuring nudge.

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How does it work?

Is it right for my organisation?

To see the products best suited for you simply answer these 4 questions:

1. What is the size of your organisation?

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Powerful stuff

Through an engaging series of questions we encourage regular self-reflection and offer personalised insights based on the answers given.

Key data is captured securely in real-time and presented in a simple way making it easy to identify trends and respond in the right areas to the right people, at the right time.


  • Know your organisation's wellbeing
  • Benchmark against other organisations
  • View reports by teams, locations & time period
  • Compare demographics
  • Identify trends
  • Gain expert advice & support
  • Integrate new and existing initiatives
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Journey to Wellbeing

Whether this is your start point or you are already on track with existing initiatives, we invite you to join us on a Journey to Wellbeing. Our family of products provide a framework for wellbeing within your organisation.

Wellbeing Index

Wellbeing data in 60 seconds, reporting & modules across the key areas affecting your people.

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Wellbeing, Culture & Engagement

Simple set-up with a real-time data dashboard for employee feedback, online and on-site.

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Wellbeing for families
& individuals

Engaging content, daily insights & e-journal with a real-time wellbeing data dashboard.

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Can’t decide? We’re happy to help.

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Return on investment?

The fact that you’re reading this shows you are not only interested in the wellbeing of your people, but you also want the cost-benefit analysis. ROI underpins our work because better human performance means better business performance and we believe data is the key to unlocking success for teams and individuals.

Research shows that the return for investing in wellbeing is significant. Use our ROI calculator to see how your organisation could benefit.

ROI Calculator

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Great for individuals


We believe in bio individuality, that is, everyone has a unique blend. When we strive for that blend we get benefits and each positive action gets a positive reaction.

You at your best. Imagine that.

Greater Concentration Greater Concentration

Improved Energy Improved Energy

More Ambition More Ambition

Healthier Lifestyle Healthier Lifestyle

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