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Happier, healthier humans mean better business performance.

Do you agree with the above statement? It certainly makes sense. The big challenge is how we make a defining difference. Data is the key.

It all starts with taking your pulse. Using our tool CheckUp we can take a snapshot of the overall wellbeing in your organisation right now and work with you to turn that powerful data into real change, comparing progress over time, spotting trends and creating initiatives at the right time. SpeakUp gives you the added opportunity to create deeper engagement within your organisation, affecting your culture and company performance in far reaching ways.

In our Benefits section we mention six possible areas you may be focused on improving: increasing productivity, boosting team ambition, reducing absence, attracting & keeping the right talented people, creating an engaged, caring culture and combating isolation. Share your priorities and ambitions with us and discover how data holds the key.

We can help you understand, track and improve the areas within your organisation that will have the biggest impact.

Our product recommendation tool includes the key questions worth considering when deciding where to start. Why not use the tool and share the results with us and we can follow up with an informed recommendation based on your needs.

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Journey to Wellbeing

Whether this is your start point or you are already on track with existing initiatives, we invite you to join us on a Journey to Wellbeing. Our family of products provide a framework for wellbeing within your organisation.

Wellbeing Index

Wellbeing data in 60 seconds, reporting & modules across the key areas affecting your people.

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Wellbeing, Culture & Engagement

Simple set-up with a real-time data dashboard for employee feedback, online and on-site.

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Wellbeing for families
& individuals

Engaging content, daily insights & e-journal with a real-time wellbeing data dashboard.

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Product comparison

Key product features

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Global WellBeing Index

Wellbeing awareness

Culture engagement

Personal Insights


Bespoke questions

Employee feedback

Dashboard (in real-time for SpeakUp and WellCup)