Our Holistic Formula

Our HeHaSu™ Formula is used and loved by the young and young at heart.

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A personal, fun and interactive wellbeing device founded on the World Health Organisation’s definition of wellbeing...

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...helping you to be more self-aware of the areas that impact your personal wellbeing...

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...leading to you feeling more empowered and motivated to take action to work on your wellbeing guided by expert-led bespoke resources.

Health Happiness and Success

We believe that an effective and world-class wellbeing solution needs to be...

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...Backed by research, holistic and aligned to the WHO’s definition of health

“...a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – World Health Organization, 1946

...Proven to scientifically boost human performance

Proven to effectively and in a friendly non-intrusive way raise 8/10 people’s conscious awareness of what impacts their wellbeing. Proven to boost human performance as 7/10 people saw a direct increase in motivation as a result of using the technology.

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...Empowering for people to take action

People can take action and see how their wellbeing trends evolve and access resources based on what they uniquely need. Organisations are empowered to help people take action; both in terms of a data-led solution and a systematic gamified process where working on individual wellbeing is rewarded with time off to Work On Wellbeing (WOW).

Which is your area of interest?


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Journey to Wellbeing

Whether this is your start point or you are already on track with existing initiatives, we invite you to join us on a Journey to Wellbeing. Our family of products provide a framework for wellbeing within your organisation.

Wellbeing Index

Wellbeing data in 60 seconds, reporting & modules across the key areas affecting your people.

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Wellbeing, Culture & Engagement

Simple set-up with a real-time data dashboard for employee feedback, online and on-site.

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Wellbeing for families
& individuals

Engaging content, daily insights & e-journal with a real-time wellbeing data dashboard.

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