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Ensure Your Team’s Cups are always Full

Our wellness programs are designed to illuminate the obstacles that impede team development.

Identifying the Triggers

Finding the root cause of demotivation among team members can be a struggle for managers. T-Cup provides real-time data by team, location, demographic and bespoke tags to help you understand in what areas people may need additional support.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

A supportive workplace culture fosters positive word of mouth and a competitive edge. Wellbeing initiatives boost productivity while inclusivity attracts diverse talent. Compromising on the mental and physical wellbeing eventually affects the employee engagement and retention.

Motivate your Team

Understanding your team’s wellbeing enables more personalised support, empathy and proactive measures against burnout. This fosters higher motivation and engagement.

Engage with your People

Hushed conversations around mental wellbeing often result in demotivated teams. Use T-Cup’s friendly technology and language to break down barriers, fostering open and supportive conversations.

Glimpses of Companies That Have Embraced Our Workplace Wellbeing Platform

Our conscious efforts to drive employee engagement reflects in the organisations we have worked with.   

Prioritise Health. Promote Happiness. Drive Success.  

When your team members are at the prime of their health, happiness and success, it
translates into better performance and steady growth.   

Connecting People

Optimise team performance, support hybrid working, and empower, individuals by giving
them a voice, promoting diversity, equity and inclusion
(DEI) within your organisation. 

AI: Meet ‘Cuppy’

Cuppy provides a quick and fair approach, equipping teams with the essential resources to improve support frameworks, turning 'TeamUps' into an achievable goal. With the ability to interpret complex wellbeing metrics and offer insightful answers to challenging questions, Cuppy ensures that managers receive crucial insights precisely when they are most needed.

Content and your EAP

A comprehensive and personalised content strategy provides real-time support for individuals and team leaders while also offering AI-driven assistance. T-Cup integrates you organisation’s existing resources and EAPs seamlessly, ensuring a holistic approach to meeting the wellbeing needs of individuals, teams and the entire organisation.


Thank you Ed and the T-Cup Ltd team! Although the modules haven't made anyone a millionaire overnight they have really helped people manage their personal situations and at the same time tackle the stress that comes with financial wellbeing. Cracking job!"


Team Manger - Specsavers

The T-Cup platform has been instrumental in providing us a vision for the lasting cultural change we want here at Specsavers. The implementation process has been seamless and value-driven, and the platform enables our leaders and teams to improve their wellbeing through reflection and real-time data, so we can see metrics like attrition, absence, and productivity head in the right direction. There has also been some interesting indirect benefits that we are now seeing that in the early stages we never thought of. The team at T Cup have been brilliant in bringing the platform to life and getting the team immersed in it literally from day one.

Neal Silverstein

Head of Technology Customer Service, Specsavers

T-Cup delivered an engaging and inspiring wellbeing workshop as part of our away day. The team found it fascinating to learn how breathwork can be harnessed in a work context, and the real-time wellbeing data presented was both thought-provoking, and used as a vehicle for valuable discussion and debate.

Carmen Caldwell

Deloitte - Sales Excellence

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