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How do I login?

TSimply click the ‘Sign in’ icon above and to the right.

Once you have done this you will be taken to our web based application. From there, if you are already a member choose the ‘sign in’ option, or if you want to create an account click the ‘Join T-Cup’ link below the sign in button.

If you are using the mobile app, then you sign in when you first open the app after downloading it.

How do i sign up?

To start with, click on the ‘sign in’ button above and to the right. Then choose the ‘sign up’ option

To create a new account; type in your email address, create a password and confirm you’ve read the T&Cs. Once you’ve done this, you should receive a verification email which will allow you to login and get started!

Why should i care about my well being?

Wellbeing is a term that describes how healthy, happy and satisfied we are with our lives. Our sense of purpose and how in control we feel day-to-day contributes greatly to our sense of wellbeing. By reflecting on your mood, habits and behaviours daily, we believe you can feel more aware and in control of your personal wellbeing and make positive steps for improvement where necessary.

What do the question mean?

Each question has been carefully selected to help you reflect on what we consider to be the nine most important aspects of your wellbeing. Over time, and with the help of several universities, we hope to create evidence-based research that supports T-Cup as an effective method of quantifying wellbeing.

Why should i do T-Cup everyday?

We created T-Cup to help you thrive. Completing the questions every day allows you to reflect on your habits often and track how you are doing. Taking time to pause, focus and reflect on our daily lives is a powerful and effective way of managing our wellbeing. Using the app regularly allows us to provide personalised insights that focus on your weakest areas and encourage you to be the best version of yourself over the long and short term.

What are the insights for?

Our insights offer helpful and encouraging perspectives about how you might consider improving your wellbeing. These insights are evidence based and drawn from reputable sources such as the NHS and NICE guidelines, as well as from the experiences of our specialist team of wellbeing experts. However, please note that our insights should not be considered medical advice. If you are unsure about anything related to your physical or mental health you should contact your GP for more specific information and advice.

What is the perfect blend?

Here at T-Cup, we believe that everyone is unique and therefore requires their own unique blend to contribute to their health, happiness and success. One person’s blend might be very different to another’s and so our questions and insights are designed to be self-reflective – creating a blend that is personal and individual to you.

In general, we believe that variation and moderation are key to a good life, but while we share our perspectives on health and wellbeing, the power is always in your hands to make the final call on what works best for you.

What are you going to do with my data?

It is important to us that your data is protected and you feel safe while using the app. While we do analyse trends with the aim of improving the experience of the app for our users, we have no interest in using your data for anything else. The only identifiable piece of data that we store is your email address.

The reason we ask what you’d like to be known as, is so that we can address you when you login, but feel free to use another name if you wish. Finally, we ask for your year of birth so that we can give you relevant insights that are more specific to your age group.

Can my organisation see my data?

The short answer is no. However, your organisation will have access to the wellbeing trends based on the daily questions but not identifying information about who has completed them – that’s kept anonymous to respect each person’s privacy. We are big believers in the idea that highlighting areas for improvement in a workplace, community or organisation can be hugely beneficial for the people involved in them. Being aware of trends in real time can help staff and individuals thrive and contribute to making the organisation a healthier, happier and more successful place to be!

What are T-Bucks?

T-Bucks are a great way to keep yourself or your team motivated and incentivised! Every time you complete your daily questions you are rewarded with T-Bucks that you can cash in later on. These might be a contribution towards a charity or something positive within your organisation. Our aim is to help teams and communities to work together and collaborate for the greater good.

Do you have a list of further resources?

Yes! T-Cup is designed to be a self-reflective tool for managing your wellbeing rather than offer specific advice or specialist support. If you require more specialist support then please visit our Resources page where you can find a list of dedicated services, websites and helplines that might be helpful.